New Zealand technology start-up IMAGR is set to experiment its automated checkout solution at Farro food store in Auckland.

The automated checkout solution is designed using IMAGR’s computer vision technology. Farro Grey Lynn shop will begin tests from early next year.

Equipped with four cameras, IMAGR’s SmartCart basket has an artificially intelligent vision recognition system and is self-contained in a robust trolley.

SmartCart’s cameras keep track of what goods customers add or remove from their carts.

IMAGR founder and CEO William Chomley said: “The SmartCart works in a similar way to a traditional shopping cart, there’s no need to change the way you shop. The only real difference is you can walk straight out of the store as soon as you’ve collected everything you need.

“Brick-and-mortar retailers globally are looking for new ways to create a more valuable shopping experience for customers. SmartCart helps to achieve this without requiring a structural overhaul or physical store changes.”

IMAGR has introduced the technology in New Zealand, following the company’s partnership with H2O Retailing in Japan last month.

Farro will be the first to test IMAGR technology, wit it scheduled to launch in Japan in May 2020.

Farro CEO Bryce Howard said: “We can’t wait for Farro customers to be the first users of SmartCart and trial the IMAGR technology in store. We hope to see the product expand into other Farro stores soon.”