The Government of Ireland has approved €6.5m in grants for 183 Irish retailers through the Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme.

The scheme is administered by Enterprise Ireland and intends to strengthen its online offerings and expand operations.

Retailers located outside Dublin represents almost three-quarters of the successful applicants.

The average grant value is €35,500, and successful applicants will be receiving funds ranging from €16,000 to €40,000.

Selected retailers operate across various sectors including healthcare, jewellery, fashion, sports, homeware and furniture, electrical goods and equipment.

Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister Leo Varadkar TD said: “The Government has put a wide range of financial measures in place to help businesses respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme was introduced back in April to help indigenous Irish retailers to get better established online – which was essential to get through the crisis and is even more important now as they seek to expand their customer base for the future.

“This €6.5m fund will enable 183 Irish retailers to boost their online capability and grow their business offering. Competition is no longer local.

“If our businesses want to be competitive today and in the longer term, we need to see more Irish retailers fully embrace the digital opportunity.”

Enterprise Ireland will start 2nd Call under the Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme in the coming weeks.