Retail software company Jisp has unveiled a new shopping solution, ‘Tap & Go’ for retailers in the UK.

Tap & Go is a shopping application designed for retail stores to sell groceries, pharmaceuticals and gifts. It is suitable for supermarkets and other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) retailers.

To use the service, customers need to download the application on their mobile phones and scan a sticker on the shelf while selecting a product.

“Tap & Go will make scan services seem slow, cumbersome and old-fashioned.”

The app uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to display information about the product on customers’ mobile phone.

Tap & Go displays the cart with all the selected items after the customer completes shopping, directs them to payment screen when they confirm their items and allows them to make the transaction.

Jisp founder and CEO Julian Fisher said: “Tap & Go will make scan services seem slow, cumbersome and old-fashioned.

“Since most customers will have their mobile phone with them this way of shopping will seem natural, reflecting how they shop, their lifestyle and choices and crucially to keep a digital record of their purchases.”

The solution assists retailers to reduce costs invested in hardware and offers data on products selected and rejected by customers allowing them to follow-up enticements, such as discounts.

Retailers can also send offers and discounts electronically through the app making it easier for customers while eliminating the need for carrying paper vouchers.

The new technology is said to bring the convenience and focus of the online shopping experience to bricks-and-mortar stores.