Urban basketball apparel retailer JumpBall has selected augmented reality (AR) technology supplier NexTech’s webAR solution to enhance its e-commerce customer experience.

webAR provides an easy solution to capture photo-realistic 3D clothing objects. The solutions ‘try it on’ service uses Microsoft’s face-mapping technology that can detect emotion each face.

Equipped with NexTech’s proprietary tech platform CaptureAR, the retailer will be able to capture 4K videos from a cell phone,  without requiring any training or skills sets.

NexTech CEO Evan Gappelberg said: “We are excited to welcome JumpBall Apparel as a client. By investing in augmented reality, JumpBall has positioned itself as an apparel leader.

“From enhancing customer engagement with their products, dramatically increasing add to cart rates and by lowering product returns, we are confident that JumpBall will benefit greatly from our AR technology.

“With our new CaptureAR technology, NexTech has moved augmented reality into the forefront as an essential tool for online apparel retailers allowing them to sell more product. Today’s announcement reflects NexTech’s deepening commitment to the fashion and apparel sector, a $1.5 trillion marketplace which we intend to dominate.”

Recently, NexTech secured a deal from premium quality coffee brewers and grinders manufacturer Moccamaster for its webAR eCommerce solution.

Art sports glasses manufacturer AirCam also decided to use NexTech’s AR platform to enhance its e-commerce customer experience.