German supermarket chain Lidl plans to open five stores by the end of this year and an additional 15 in 2019 in Romania.

Lidl, a major retail player in the country, has not disclosed the amount it would be investing on this expansion plan.

The company’s communication director Cristina Hanganu told “We have been growing on average with 15 new stores a year. We now have 230 stores and by the end of this year, we will open five more. Next year, we aim to maintain the same growth rhythm of about 15 stores per year.”

In addition to the new outlets, the discounter is also working on opening its fifth logistics facility in Romania, near Roman.

It currently has more than 5,500 employees in the country and appoints around 500 new people every year.

The supermarket chain has also opened a technology hub, called Lidl Digital, to cater to the whole group.

“We now have 230 stores and by the end of this year, we will open five more.”

Lidl Digital has 50 specialists and the team would be increased to 100 in the near future.

In July, Lidl announced its plans to stop selling disposable plates, plastic glasses, spoons and forks by the end of the year. The aim to cut down plastic waste is part of its sustainability strategy.

In April, Lidl removed eggs produced by hens held in batteries, from its shelves.

The retailer has begun selling free-range eggs.

Lidl has presence in around 30 countries and operates around 10,500 outlets, while it has more than 150 logistics facilities in 28 countries. It employs around 260,000 people.