A survey has found that around 50% of British shoppers aged 18-34 years have agreed that retail loyalty schemes increase customer commitment.

YouGov conducted the survey on behalf of UK-based payments and loyalty marketing platform Yoyo.

Of the total who agreed to the fact that loyalty schemes made them more loyal include 49% of women and 42% of men, the survey noted.

Around 13% of all the participants admitted they were not a member of any retail loyalty scheme rounding off 83% of British shoppers as part of at least one loyalty scheme.

The survey also identified that 74% of respondents agreed they regularly collect loyalty points, while 17% said they sometimes collect and only 8% said rarely or never.

When it comes to claiming the loyalty points, only 50% of all respondents always claim rewards owed to them, while 30% agreed to sometimes and 19% said they rarely or never claim rewards.

According to the survey, men were less likely to claim rewards when compared to women.

“This data clearly shows that British consumers are positive about the value of retail loyalty schemes.”

Yoyo CEO Michael Rolph said: “This data clearly shows that British consumers are positive about the value of retail loyalty schemes and it’s become a regular habit for them to collect points when out shopping.

“The problem lies in what happens afterwards, with the survey showing either confusion or dissatisfaction on what consumers should do with their loyalty points, with only 47% regularly claiming rewards.”

The survey also found that 26% of the respondents wanted to view their points and rewards on offer through an app, 26% wanted rewards to be personalised to past purchases, while 26% wanted to receive instant notifications.

It also noted that 18% of participants wanted to receive digital vouchers and use them through their smartphones and 17% wanted to collect retail loyalty points without the need to sign up for a scheme or have a loyalty card.