Athletic apparel company Lululemon has revealed plans to launch its first re-commerce programme.

Under Lululemon Like New, customers can start trading their ‘gently used Lululemon clothing‘ at more than 80 of the company’s participating stores. They can also send in the clothing via post in exchange for an e-gift card.

The programme is one of two new initiatives the company will launch to underscore its commitment to sustainability, the other initiative being Earth Dye.

These initiatives are part of the brand’s Be Planet pillar, which focuses on making products that are better for people and the planet.

Lululemon will pilot the Like New programme in California and Texas next month, with plans to expand to an online resale program the following month.

The company is partnering with branded re-commerce company TROVE for support with resale technology and operations.

All profits made from the programme will be reinvested into other sustainability initiatives.

Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald said: “We are actively working to help create a healthier future, and we are focused on meeting the goals detailed in our Impact Agenda, including making all our products from sustainable materials and end-of-use solutions by 2030.

“Our Lululemon Like New and Earth Dye initiatives are both meaningful steps towards a circular ecosystem and demonstrate the sustainable innovation underway in product development and retail.”

Several other brands have launched resale programmes in recent years. Last May, Walmart entered the resale market by partnering with resale platform thredUP.