Enterprise retail solutions firm Mi9 Retail has upgraded its Merchandise Management platform by adding new platform integration services.

The new web-based functionality and enhanced integration options extend the deployment flexibility of the platform.

Mi9 Merchandise Management platform offers various services, including planning, execution, master data management, in-store back office, and advanced reporting and enterprise analytics to retailers.

The platform assists retailers to get rid of siloed systems; create a single platform for inventory, pricing and location data; shift to SaaS; improve and increase gross margin and inventory turns, and staff productivity.

It also offers retailers with omnichannel retail support; access to real-time inventory across channels; and track and manage huge quantities of data.

“Mi9’s investment in our core product, as well as public APIs is a game-changer.”

The company has also integrated the platform with its demand forecasting, advanced allocations, and replenishment solutions complementing its partnership with cloud-based integration firm Dell Boomi.

Mi9 Retail CEO Neil Moses said: “Mi9’s investment in our core product, as well as public APIs is a game-changer, creating a whole new level of system flexibility for customers who want to develop and utilise their own user interfaces and internal business rules to interact with the system, without requiring customisation to the core.

“Combined with the on-going investments we’ve been making in web-based capabilities to facilitate in-store inventory inquiries and actions against the head office system, we’re helping strengthen retailers’ unified commerce strategies.”

The company also made investments in developing and exposing public APIs, as well as expanding its web-based merchandising footprint.

In January this year, Mi9 Retail signed a strategic OEM partnership with technology platform Snap+Style Business to integrate their platforms.

Last December, the company introduced a new artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics enhancements to its demand management solutions.