London-based Luxury Retailer Molton Brown has partnered with OneView Commerce to implement Digital Store Platform POS solution at its two high street stores in the city.

Digital Store Platform offers application management and support services, as well as operational support, including agility in promotions and inventory management.

The POS solution enables the luxury retailer to deliver personalised customer experience and save time spent on legacy systems and processes.

“The go live of the OneView Digital Store is a significant milestone in our transformation journey..”

The company has also implemented the POS solution at its two locations in Ireland.

Molton Brown Omni-commerce and sales applications digital marketing senior director Tanay Taank said: “The go live of the OneView Digital Store is a significant milestone in our transformation journey.

“The positive initial results align with our expectations that the solution will deliver significant improvements for our retail stores that will directly translate into improved customer engagement.

“OneView’s digital point of sale, powerful promotions and a real-time enterprise view of inventory combined with the SaaS model aligns with our operational strategy for continuous improvement in customer experience, store operations and supply-chain effectiveness-all focused on the needs of our loyal customers and the upcoming digital savvy consumers.”

In addition, the retailer is planning to implement the OneView solution across its store network in the UK and the US by the end of May this year.

Leveraging the OneView Digital Store Platform, the retailer will transform its omnichannel services to offer a unified commerce experience for its customers.