UK supermarket chain Morrisons has committed to source its products from ‘net-zero’ carbon British farms by 2030.

As part of this pledge, the retailer will begin to collaborate with 3,000 selected meat, poultry and fresh produce farmers in the next nine years.

The retailer expects eggs to become the first product to reach net-zero carbon status by next year. It will be followed by lamb, fruit, vegetables, pork and beef in the following years.

Morrisons chief executive David Potts said: “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for our generation and growing food is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

“As British farming’s biggest supermarket customer, we’re in a unique position to guide our farms and help lead changes in environmental practices. It’s years ahead of industry expectations, and an ambitious target, but it’s our duty to do it.”

It will work on creating net-zero carbon farm ‘models’ and establish a blueprint, which will be shared with its farmers to start production with net-zero carbon.

Morrisons’ net-zero carbon UK agriculture target is part of the retailer’s plan to achieve net-zero status for emissions by 2040. It is also in line with the international Paris Agreement.

Under this programme, the retailer will work with universities, vets, farming and countryside organisations and carbon experts.