Amazon has launched its own line of branded baby products, said to be in direct competition to The Honest Company, run by American actress Jessica Alba.

Amazon’s new product line, Amazon Elements, is directly taking on the successful baby product business set up by Alba that is into "eco-friendly, non-toxic" essentials for new mothers.

Sources familiar with the matter say that Amazon Elements would initially be exclusively available to Amazon Prime users, with the retailer charging a little extra for higher quality products.

The move is aimed at enticing one-off users into getting a membership.

As reported in Kiplinger, the fluff used in Elements diapers to absorb moisture comes from a specific type of pine tree in Alabama, while the aloe and vitamin E infused into the inner lining come from Israel.

In addition to the diapers, Amazon is also rolling out Elements wipes that are also available exclusively to Prime members.

The Honest Company is expected to clock $150m in sales this year, which is three times that of 2013.