Amazon is hit by yet another strike in Germany right before the crucial holiday season in a long-running dispute over pay and work conditions.

German labor union Verdi said that about 500 workers are striking at a distribution center in the central city of Bad Hersfeld in view of increasing work pressure with rising order volumes as a result of pre-Christmas special offers from Amazon.

Verdi further added that it would continue to organise outages at other distribution centers till Amazon meets its demands.

Remaining unperturbed, Amazon said majority of its staff are still with the firm and added that the current strike won’t have much impact on deliveries as it can draw on a European network of 28 warehouses in seven countries, reports Reuters.

In an ongoing dispute, Verdi wants Amazon to raise pay for workers at its distribution centers in accordance with collective bargaining agreements across the mail order and retail industry in Germany. It has organised several stoppages since May 2013 to this effect.

Amazon has, however, rejected all demands, arguing that warehouse staff are treated as logistics workers and already get above-average pay for that sector.

In the current outage, Verdi is also asking workers at a Leipzig warehouse to strike from Monday afternoon.

Amazon has nine distribution centers in Germany, which is its second-biggest market after its home base.