Apple has introduced an indoor location software called ‘iBeacon’ at its more than 250 outlets in the US, which can send notifications to customers within the store with information of what might look relevant to them.

With the launch of this technology, which is more than simple customer service messages, Apple intends to provide personalized shopping experience to customers at its outlets.

When customers walk into Apple stores, they can opt to receive notifications, which include messages on products and discount offers.

iBeacon device uses a bluetooth connection to send a signal that detects iOS devices within its proximity. Based on where customers are located in an outlet, the iBeacon can send targeted messages to customers.

Further, iBeacon can send different types of messages such as product and event information.

With the help of this technology, customers can collect online orders, see what is happening in-store, read product reviews, and buy accessories.

In future, customers may be able to check stock availability, buy items after visiting the store, and make payments for purchases.

Apple’s flagship New York City outlet has been equipped with about 20 iBeacon devices, some of which are iPhones and iPads.

Apple told the Associated Press that the technology has the potential to be used beyond retail – in future, it could be used to send information at other kinds of indoor locations such as museums.