American multinational corporation Apple is to open a new store in Queens Center mall in New York City.

Said to be the eighth of its type in the region, the proposed Apple Retail Store will offer sevices and programs including full support at the genius bar, personal setup and hands-on experiences with over 140 Apple devices on display that are connected to the internet, New York Daily News reported.

Apple’s existing six stores are located in Manhattan and the seventh is in Staten Island.

The new store will employ over 130 associates, who will speak 24 languages apart from English.

Apple Retail market director Jason Barlia said that the company is focusing on reflecting the community’s diversity with its staff, in order to make the new store stand out among other Apple stores.

The store is opening just in time for Apple’s new Apple Camp for children where kids will be able to interact with books and illustrations, make movies and create music with Apple software.

Earlier in April this year, Apple opened its second store in Hangzhou, China.

This forms a part of the company’s plans to open close to 19 stores across the country by the Chinese new year.