Retail technology solutions provider Aptos has pledged a multimillion-dollar investment in its dedicated Aptos Labs innovation development team, which aims to help retailers create enterprises built for rapid change.

With this investment, the company intends to simplify omnichannel complexity and expedite speed-to-value.

Using its expertise in point-of-sale, customer engagement and order management technologies, the team seeks to help retailers to keep up with the changing needs of digital consumers.

Aptos CEO and culture leader Noel Goggin said: “Consumer behaviour has fundamentally changed; it is now time for retailers to consume and apply technology in a way that takes into account the new, rapid retailing model.

“Bulky, expensive and hard to integrate on-premise software is a thing of the past.

“Retailers are looking for ‘what’s next,’ and that’s where Aptos Labs comes in.”

Aptos Labs is tasked with developing a cloud-native, mobile-first and unified commerce services platform, which focuses on ongoing innovation, yielding new capabilities and increasing return on investment.

“Retailers are looking for ‘what’s next,’ and that’s where Aptos Labs comes in.”

According to the company, the platform will build an active network of retailers, software partners and system integrators.

Retailers will leverage the supporting framework provided by the platform to onboard new capabilities and create differentiated and personalised customer experiences.

Aptos Labs’ platform development will focus on different areas including microservices architecture, mobile-first, rich client applications, extensibility throughout, cloud-native services, and integration to current Aptos Singular Commerce solutions.

The cloud-based Singular Commerce platform is claimed to be operational at more than 125,000 stores, with over 500 retail brands worldwide depending on cloud-ready Aptos solutions.