UK-based fashion retailer ASOS intends to employ additional 1,500 associates at its London headquarters over the next three years.

It plans to invest £38m to employ associates in technology, marketing, content and retail segments, as well as £40m in developing a 40,000ft² building near Mornington Crescent underground station.

“Our people are what make Asos special."

Asos CEO Nick Beighton was quoted by The Guardian as saying that the retailer expects to open several manufacturing facilities in the country over the next four years.

The production capacity of the two factories currently account for 4% of its own-label products.

Beighton said: “There is manufacturing capacity in the UK but the skills aren’t quite as available as they once were.

“Our people are what make Asos special. We are creating a workspace that fosters creativity, where they can enjoy what they do.”

The online retailer trains its employees in stitching and garment design at an academy in London.

The announcement by Asos comes after Facebook and Google made announcements to significantly invest in their UK operations.