BT has secured a three-year contract to digitally transform the malls of Gallerie Commerciali Italia to enhance experiences for shoppers.

Gallerie Commerciali Italia owns or operates 43 shopping centres and six retail parks across Italy.

According to the contract terms, BT will provide a range of ICT infrastructure services, customer relationship management (CRM) and in-store solutions.

This project will involve a range of in-store multi-sensory solutions, involving sight, sound, smell and touch, which is expected to change how customers and retailers interact within stores.

For the digital transformation project, BT will offer new ways to engage and communicate with customers with the use of smartscreens, mobile devices and in-store radio, as well as scent diffusion.

BT will also provide fixed and wireless connectivity capabilities.

"These environments must offer the same ease and customised convenience of online shopping and be truly integrated with the digital world."

Gallerie Commerciali Italia will make use of this network to gather data from digital devices throughout its malls and provide free Wi-Fi for shoppers.

The big data gathered through the network will help enhance customer experience.

For the pilot phase, BT will undertake the digital transformation work of three shopping centres, located in Vimodrone, Nerviano and Rescaldina.

The Gallerie Commerciali Italia malls comprise 2,200 stores, which are visited by 180 million people a year.

Gallerie Commerciali Italia CEO Edoardo Favro said: "We have launched an ambitious digital transformation and cross-functional project, with Italy leading the pilot for the international group. The project aims to offer truly engaging customer experiences.

"At the same time, we want to deepen our relationship with retailers, leveraging analytics to give them more insight on our visitors’ behaviors while maintaining a single governance process and close control of data. In BT, we found a partner with the vision, capabilities and experience required to deliver that."

BT vice-president for global industry practices Hubertus von Roenne said: "BT, with its extensive retail experience and digital integration expertise, understands modern consumers’ expectations of physical store environments. These environments must offer the same ease and customised convenience of online shopping and be truly integrated with the digital world.

"This project shows that digital innovations are not just for online stores. They can help personalise the customer experience of the physical store and make a visit there much more engaging and attractive, as well as increasing the efficiency of retailers."

Image: BT to undertake retail digital transformation project of Gallerie Commerciali Italia. Photo: Courtesy of BT Plc.