Chinese e-retailer Alibaba is planning to open an office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The company intends to become the ‘gateway to China’ for Dutch customers, reported

In April, internet-based shopping monitor Thuiswinkel stated that customers in the Netherlands are largely relying on overseas websites, especially the Chinese platforms, to purchase goods and services.

"The company intends to become the ‘gateway to China’ for Dutch customers."

While online sales from foreign websites accounted only for 3% of the total sales, China topped the list with a 25% share, followed by Germany and UK.

The company has stated that opening this office will make it easier for Dutch companies to sell their products in China. The details of its location or the number of people to be employed have not been disclosed as yet.

Alibaba currently has offices in Germany, the UK, Italy and France.

The Amsterdam office will be headed by former Blokker Holding CEO Roland Palmer.