Marketing technologies developer CodeBroker has added personalisation features to its mobile retail marketing platform.

With these additions, retailers will be able to deliver automated omnichannel marketing based on customer behaviours, reach customers through SMS and mobile apps, as well as offer one-time-use mobile coupons.

Based on behavioural data, CodeBroker's new personalisation features enable retailers to create automated campaigns.

The data triggers for automation include mobile coupon redemption, mobile coupon interaction and previous purchases.

"This is more than just adding a customer's name to a marketing message."

Retailers will be able to provide personalised offers, reminders and marketing alerts, and have a feedback loop with surveys or Net Promoter Scores.

CodeBroker cofounder and CEO Dan Slavin said: "Consumers want marketing to be personalised, targeted and relevant. This is more than just adding a customer's name to a marketing message.

"Our new features help retailers build the kind of personalised marketing campaigns that customers expect. Our ability to automate campaigns combined with one-time-use coupons, helps retailers exceed expectations and set a benchmark for customer experience."

The CodeBroker platform comes with three primary components such as omnichannel mobile coupons, a custom-branded 'My Offers' digital coupon wallet, and text message marketing with SmartJoin for list growth and loyalty programme sign-up.

CodeBroker provides a coupon platform that simultaneously gives secure one-time-use mobile offers across multiple digital media channels.

Coupons can be redeemed during checkout either online or in-store, and delivered through SMS, mobile app, email, Apple Wallet, social channels such as Facebook, and more.