Denmark-based retail company Dagrofa and discount chain REMA 1000 have selected US-based payment solutions provider VeriFone to enhance customer experience by offering more payment options.

With its chamber of commerce proposing to make all money transactions electronic, Denmark is a leader in the world’s shift towards cashless societies with approximately 80% adoption of non-cash payments.

The country is also home to widely adopted mobile payment schemes such as Danske Bank's MobilePay app, which is installed in more than 90% of Danish consumer smartphones, and only surpassed by Facebook and Messenger in app acceptance.

"Our solution benefits both our clients and their customers alike as it can handle many payment methods."

Dagrofa chief executive officer Per Thau said: ”We already support MobilePay, but now we are first in Denmark to integrate mobile payment with card payment in just one piece of hardware. We want to make it even easier for our customers to make digital payments.

"Verifone has all the necessary functionality and provides an open and very straightforward solution at the cash register. Combining every type of payment in the same device makes life easier for both customers and our employees.

"Our goal is to deliver excellent experiences related to food, and Verifone’s solution will help us deliver on this goal."

REMA 1000 chief financial officer Torben L Sørensen said: “With the Verifone device upgrade, we can ensure our customers will have an easy and convenient experience using their preferred payment method whether it is a Danish or international card, Dankort or MobilePay."

Verifone Denmark general manager Chris Lund-Hansen said: ”Our solution benefits both our clients and their customers alike as it can handle many payment methods, including all payment cards and many mobile apps.”

By upgrading to Verifone, Dagrofa and REMA 1000 are expected to play a significant role in driving consumer adoption for mobile payment in the country, as it is ready for future mobile payment options such as plans by national debit card Dankort  to enable payments through consumer mobile devices.