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Romania-based Carrefour has agreed to give up three of its stores in Braila so that it can get an approval from the Competition Council to take over European supermarket chain BILLA Romania.

The decision to transfer two Carrefour Market supermarkets and a Billa supermarket in Braila followed a warning issued to the company by the council.

Maoye Commercial (formerly Chengshang Group) will raise $426.22m by offering its shares for sale through a private placement. The fund will be used by the company for clearing its band loans and for future acquisitions.

"The transaction was led by US-based venture capital firm Acre Venture Partners."

Maoye Commercial is a Chinese company, which deals with retail of general merchandise.

B.T.T.R Ventures (Back to The Roots) plans to further grow its business and accelerate its product development using the $10m funding raised through a recently concluded Series-A funding round.

The transaction was led by US-based venture capital firm Acre Venture Partners and involved participation of other venture capital firms, including S2G Ventures and Red Sea Ventures.

B.T.T.R Ventures is a mushroom farm operating company, which also produces ready-to-grow and ready-to-eat products.

Image: Carrefour is a Romanian supermarket operator. Photo: courtesy of Tangopaso via Wikipedia.