Fiesta Mart has announced the reopening of five stores in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, US, this month.

Currently undergoing a process of reinvigoration, the company has scheduled a grand opening celebration in the reopened stores and the first 200 customers at each store receive a $10 Fiesta gift card.

The first Minyard store transformed to Fiesta opened last week at Lake June Road in Dallas.

“The grand reopenings are part of a long-term reinvigoration of Fiesta."

It has reopened two remodelled Minyard stores that Fiesta had acquired earlier. These are located in Arlington and Irving.

The Fort Worth and Dallas stores will recommence operations from 26 October.

Fiesta Mart CEO Michael Byars said: “The grand reopenings are part of a long-term reinvigoration of Fiesta and our commitment to provide uncompromised freshness, great value and unsurpassed variety every day.

“Since we acquired the Minyard stores, we have been meticulously working to bring Fiesta to life in these locations. We've evaluated every item to ensure we meet the needs of local customers, and we have brought more variety that did not previously exist in some locations such as fresh seafood and our vast assortment of international grocery offerings."

"Two years ago, we kicked off a process to grow the Fiesta brand by improving standards and investing in our stores so that we can better serve our communities.

"This effort started with talking with our customers. Everything we have done and will continue to do is because of their feedback."

This transition and upgrade of former Minyard stores will continue until next January.

Founded in 1972, Fiesta Mart is a speciality food retailer based in Texas.