Convenience store chain Franprix intends to renovate around 860 stores in France by next year, in order to offer new products and better customer service.

Most of the Franprix stores are located in Paris.

This move is part of Franprix owner Casino’s efforts to boost profits. Casino operates around 10,000 stores in France.

The renovation programme began last May.

"We want be close to the customer."

Franprix has so far renovated around 300 stores in a bid to compete against online retailers.

Among the new services offered include Western Union digital kiosks that allow customers to send and receive money to and from around 200 countries.

Franprix managing director Jean-Paul Mochet was quoted by Reuters as saying: "We want be close to the customer. The true response to Amazon is the relation to the customer."

In addition, a renovated Franprix outlet in Paris’s 7th district is one of two stores in the city where the retailer is trialling a new payment system that reduces queuing times.

As part of this effort, conventional checkout counters would be replaced with portable employee-held scanners linked to the in-store Wi-Fi. Store employees would also carry a portable bank-card processor in their aprons.

This service is expected to be offered in around 100 stores.