Video-game retailer GameStop has announced plans to double its number of seasonal workers in the US by hiring close to 25, 000, for the holiday season.

This is an increase of 47% from last year.

GameStop would hire warehouse workers for distribution centres in Grapevine, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky; sales associates for its stores and about 250 consumer electronic technicians for its refurbishment operation centre.

However, the retailer did not disclose exactly how many sales associates or warehouse workers it plans to hire.

Seasonal jobs are projected to begin on 6 October and run through 9 January 2015.

GameStop is a specialty retailer, based in the US. The company offers a comprehensive range of new and pre-owned video game hardware, mobile and consumer electronics products, accessories, physical and digital video game software, PC entertainment software and other merchandise.

As of February 2013, the company operated a total of 6,602 stores in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.