The retailer, which operates 39 John Lewis shops, 293 Waitrose supermarkets and an online store, will use Trillium Software System to match on-shelf offerings at its individual stores with the choice of the customers.

The Trillium Software System will capture data from across the John Lewis’ complex multichannel retail chain and present in a standard and consistent form. Using this data, the retailer can automatically match each customer’s data to any existing record and provide in a comprehensive and reliable single customer view.

John Lewis Partnership customer insight and analytics head Lisa Garwood said that knowing customers’ choices and preferences is important for the retailer, respecting their opt-in permissions and preferences for communications.

"Customers pass us this information in many different ways and it is important to us to capture it accurately and ensure the integrity and quality of the data before we use it on our customers’ behalf," explained Garwood.

"We evaluated leading data quality providers based on key analyst research, and selected the Trillium Software System as the best fit for our needs."