More than one-third (35.8%) of retailers have opted for single consumer platform to manage retail transactions across all channels, according to a survey carried out by the NRF, Demandware and the University of Arizona.

The study, which polled more than 200 US and European retail business technology executives, also found that many retailers have now become digital-focused and are integrating their stores and online operations.

NRF retail technologies vice president Tom Litchford said the future of retail will envelope business platforms that enhance the endless opportunities that new technologies offer, such as systems that allow retailers to provide seamless, relevant and personalised interactions for all of their customers.

"In this consumer-led industry, retailers are working overtime to keep up with the expectations and demands of their savvy customers, and are intent on integrating the digital shopping experience like never before," Litchford added.

The single platform system will allow retailers to consolidate and manage key data elements and functionalities, and provide its customers with on-brand shopping experience.

Demandware industry strategy and insights vice president Rob Garf said it is no surprise that retailers are increasingly looking to leverage e-commerce technology as the single platform for all commerce.

"This provides retailers a great opportunity to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the overall customer shopping experience in a dynamic consumer environment," Garf added.