Austrian supermarket chain Merkur will install self-checkout solutions from NCR Corporation at its stores.

The NCR SelfServ self-checkouts will allow the company to improve customer service and operational effectiveness, by reducing queues at its stores.

NCR Retail Solutions Self-Service general manager Dusty Lutz said: "NCR SelfServ Checkout reduces queue waiting times by up to 40 percent, greatly enhancing the shopping experience. It also allows retail employees to be redeployed from front-end checkout duties to valuable in-aisle functions that ultimately improve customer loyalty."

Initially, the retailer has trailed NCR’s self-checkout technology on both customer satisfaction and internal operations at its Gerngross Merkur department store in Vienna.

The supermarket chain is further planning to equip its other stores with NCR SelfServ self-checkouts as it expected that over one-third of all purchases will be through self-checkout in the mid-term.

Merkur executive Manfred Denner said: "MERKUR intends to provide impeccable customer service. To achieve this we deploy new technologies to improve our business and make every day easier for our customers. If regular employee tasks are more efficient, staff members have more time to serve our customers. This improves customer satisfaction and our bottom line.

"The acceptance of NCR self-checkout solutions has exceeded our expectations. Regular and passing customers, as well as employees, have embraced the new technology from day one. During the peak Christmas time the self-checkout solutions proved especially valuable by reducing queues at our stores."

Currently, Merkur operates 128 stores across Austria and offers up to 20,000 different products for sale.