US-based point-of-sale (POS) network provider National Retail Solutions (NRS) has partnered with wholesale cash and carry supplier Jetro to aid independent retailers in competing with large retail chains by leveraging its POS networks.

The partnership will enable access of NRS' POS terminals for Jetro customers across all stores. 

The NRS terminals feature retailer and customer-facing digital screens and advertise consumer-packaged goods (CPG) to customers before and during the purchasing process.

"We are delighted to team up with Jetro to help independent retailers become more profitable. "

This partnership will enable Jetro and CPG suppliers to reach retailers with offers and discounts over the NRS platform.

Many bodegas previously could not accept manufacturer coupons as there was no convenient way to verifiy the associated retail transaction to the coupon issuer.  CPG suppliers also did not have access to transactional sales data from the large urban and immigrant consumer market that purchases at local independent retailers.

NRS' BR Club rewards programme provides a solution that addresses these challenges and benefits retailers, CPG suppliers and consumers.

Through the NRS POS network and BR Club, independent retailers can offer discounts and special offers on popular CPGs, while seamlessly generating the associated sales data for the CPG supplier.

As a result, CPG suppliers will be able to effectively reach this urban and immigrant-focused customer base with coupons and special offers.  Urban consumers can also save on CPGs while shopping at local independent retailers.

NRS president Elie Katz said: "It is tougher than ever for bodegas and other mom-and-pop retailers to compete against the big retail chains.

"We are delighted to team up with Jetro to help independent retailers become more profitable.  Jetro is offering retailers our new POS terminals in all their stores, and together we will help independent retailers take full advantage of Jetro's low prices and special offers on products."

NRS currently has more than 1,800 terminals deployed with retailers across the US.