Retail footfall in UK for the Easter weekend fell year-on-year despite favorable weather conditions than last year, according to Springboard data.

The high street witnessed almost 11% drop on Easter (21 April) and by 8% on Good Friday (18 April).

In shopping centers, footfall fell by 11.3% on the Friday and 10.4% on Easter itself as better weather saw shoppers avoid indoor complexes.

In contrast, high street shopping was up 10.2% and footfall at retail parks up nearly 23% year-on-year, with Bank Holiday
Springboard Retail Insights director Diane Wehrle said the falls showed consumers were still very nervous about spending.

"Easter weekend is the next big trading opportunity for retailers after Christmas and a huge opportunity, but even good weather was not enough to encourage people to go out and spend.

"Though out-of-town locations are trading well, high streets and shopping centres have had a tough time this weekend, which is unexpected. I think it’s a function of the fact that the recovery we are seeing in terms of the macro-economic indicators, such as rising employment and falling inflation, haven’t yet filtered through enough for people to feel more confident," Wehrle added.