The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has reported that the sales in the United Kingdom sky-rocketed, compared to previous two months, attributed mainly to Christmas rush.

CBI came with this report after it conducted a survey between 27 November and 17 December, wherein 62 retail chains gave their responses.

The report mentions that sales dipped in October and November due to mild weather than usual, which apparently prevented people from purchasing new winter clothes.

In the report released to the media, Barry Williams who chairs the survey panel has mentioned that the customers stopped purchasing apparel in the last two months (autumn) and they have slowly started visiting stores.

"After a disappointing couple of months, sales volumes in December recovered their sparkle, beating retailers’ expectations," he added.

The report has also mentioned that people have placed more orders with suppliers, which is around 36% more than the previous year.

It further said that 31% respondents in the survey exuded confidence that sales continue to surge the next month too. Various sub-sectors such as groceries and apparel witnessed strong sales performance.