Apparel retailer SuperGroup has witnessed a rise in revenues for the first quarter ended July, as against the same period last year.

For the three-month period, revenues rose 15.9% to £87.01m from £75.06m a year earlier while retail revenues grew by 13.6% to £60.44m, from £53.22m a year ago.

Like-for-like sales declined by 3.7% due mainly to shortages of key spring summer lines.

During the first quarter, the company opened new stores in Europe, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

SuperGroup CEO Julian Dunkerton said: "With our strong pipeline of new stores, particularly in mainland Europe, the continued evolution of the ranges and our improved infrastructure we remain confident that we have the platform to deliver profitable growth in the current year."

SuperGroup is the owner of the Superdry brand and operates in the branded fashion sector. Presently, it operates 526 branded locations with 96 owned stores and 64 concessions in the UK; and 50 owned stores, 126 franchised and 13 concessions in Europe. The remainder of the estate is made up of franchised and licensed stores in the rest of the world.

The group also has an ecommerce business.