In an announcement made on February 11, Walmart Canada, which has 394 stores comprising 114 discount stores and 280 supercentres throughout the country, announced plans to add 29 more supercentres covering a retail space of 230,000 square feet before the end of its fiscal on January 31, 2016.

One of Canada’s largest employers, the retailer will simultaneously be expanding its distribution network to support its food and online business growth in the country, especially enhancing its website

The project cost, estimated at C$340m, will include around C$230m for the supercentres (counting expansion and remodeling of many stores to accommodate full grocery departments), around C$75m for food and e-commerce distribution centres, and about C$35m for further initiatives regarding e-commerce.

This expenditure has been set aside as part of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.’s investment plan for global fiscal 2016.

It has been anticipated that this grand expansion plan will be creating around 1,000 store jobs, 3,700 construction jobs and 300 distribution centre jobs all over Canada. Earlier, in January, 11 Walmart supercentres were launched across Canada.

Walmart Canada’s president and CEO Dirk Van den Berghe stated: "Our mission is to provide multiple access points for customers to save money. We will deliver on this commitment through a range of channels including our expanding network of supercentres, our accelerating e-commerce business, and our in-store pick up services."

Announcements for project locations will be made as and when the projects are finalised. By the end of January 2016, the store count of Walmart Canada will rise to 396 with 87 discount outlets and 309 supercentres.

Offering around 120,000 products — including apparel, groceries, electronics and home décor apart from speciality services such as garden centres, vision centres and pharmacies — Walmart Canada’s supercentres present a matchless one-stop shopping experience besides saving money.

Their website, which has over 400,000 daily customers, presents a convenient customer experience to select from over 150,000 products. The site has also recently begun the Grab & Go Lockers for customers to pick up products from the store, at their convenience.