US-based Walmart is deploying seasonal staff to better serve customers at the checkout.

The retailer claimed that it has also increased the amount of products available through its Pickup service, launched thousands of rollbacks, and announced plans to add more items to in the coming months.

Walmart US CEO Judith McKenna said: “We are listening to our customers and looking for ways to simplify their busy lives.

“We are listening to our customers and looking for ways to simplify their busy lives."

“Whether our customers are checking items off their grocery lists or their kids’ holiday lists, we want to make their shopping experiences easy and fun.

"This includes having clean, fast and friendly stores, an easier checkout experience and enabling customers to shop seamlessly through services like Pickup.”

Starting on 4 November, Walmart's Holiday Helpers will be in stores to help customers get through the checkout process faster.

Holiday Helpers will assist customers with finding the shortest line, open registers as needed, and quickly grab items customers might have forgotten.

During peak times, Walmart stores will increase the number of Holiday Helpers serving customers.

Walmart claimed that it receives up to five times as many same-day pick-up orders in holiday season as compared to a normal week and therefore, the retailer has expanded the assortment available for pickup overall and has added tens of thousands of items in categories including apparel, seasonal décor, toys, and electronics for same-day pickup.

The retailer is allocating additional staff to facilitate a faster and easier pick-up experience, including dedicated pick-up managers in every store.

Walmart has 11,539 stores under 63 banners in 28 countries, and e-commerce websites in 11 countries.