British fashion retailer Next is planning to build a major warehouse spreading to 85,000sq m in Doncaster, along with offices in Armthorpe, which is expected to bring 500 jobs to the south Yorkshire borough, official reports say.

The present Westmoor Park warehouse, constructed nine years back, will be linked to them via a bridge going over Holme Wood Lane.

A Doncaster Council planning officers report states: "The development would represent significant investment from a major company, resulting in more than 500 new jobs at the new warehouse, as well as securing 528 jobs at the existing Next facilities."

Already proposed for approval, a bigger warehouse than the one intended will be built with an increase in height from 19.5m to 25.5m.

Although a lot lower than the 35m tall adjacent Ikea warehouse, the 25.5m will be important for certain operations that need to be carried out inside the new building, according to Next.

The huge location will also have room for 55 loading bays, 48 heavy goods vehicles, 394 cars and 15 trailer boxes.

The report further confirms that the development brings no detrimental impacts with it and, therefore, the officials do not object to the plans. Nevertheless, in a plan to convert the West Moor Link Road into a dual carriageway, the officials have requested Next to contribute to the upgradation cost of the A630.

Doncaster Chamber deputy chief executive Dan Fell remarked: "I think Doncaster is clearly developing its status as a logistics hub in the UK, with major operations already here such as Ikea and Amazon as well as the existing Next site. There is a roll call of significant firms and for Next to be looking to invest on this scale is really positive."