German electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Next.e.GO Mobile has opened its first brand store in Europe after successfully starting production and launching nationwide sales.

The store is located at the Schadow-Arkaden near Königsallee in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It was opened on 4 September with guests and the press in attendance, ahead of this year’s International Motor Show (IAA).

Customers will have the opportunity to observe the e.GO EV’s production technology, design elements and smart features.

The branded store includes a customer experience centre, sales and support to allow visitors to test drive and order vehicles directly.

Its opening marks an important milestone for Next.e.GO Mobile, which aims to ‘transform urban e-mobility with sustainable, durable and affordable electric cars’.

The company plans to expand its brand stores network to other cities, including Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Athens and Dubai. It has also launched a global campaign called ‘The Time is Now’.

Next.e.GO Mobile board chairman Ali Vezvaei said: “The Time is Now reflects our profound conviction of the urgency for collective action, as well as the need for individual responsibility to combat climate change.

“We ought to challenge the old habits and limitless consumption, to rethink mobility with enhanced utilisation [with] circular economy being front and centre. Our children only have one planet to live on!”

The e.GO EV features a robust aluminium spaceframe and durable polymeric outer body to provide a longer, more cost-efficient life cycle.

The car also offers a smart battery swap feature to improve its ecological footprint compared with its competitors on the market.

e.GO Mobile was founded in 2015 by Prof Dr Günther Schuh.

Last year, the company was transferred to Dutch investment group ND Industrial after it filed for insolvency. The new company was named Next.e.GO Mobile.