E-merchandising platform Nfinite has introduced Dynamic Display, a new interactive solution that will allow retailers and brand owners to embed shoppable showrooms on webpages.

The next-generation, real-time solution is a new capability of Nfinite’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that will help retailers create scale product images using SaaS software.

The company has said that the Dynamic Display feature provides a more interactive and customised user experience that allows shoppers to quickly mix and match relevant items in real-time.

Nfinite CEO and founder Alexandre de Vigan said: “Dynamic Display is a game-changer. For the first time, retailers can put personalisation squarely in the hands of their online customers, making it possible for them to immerse themselves in shopping experiences of their choice, context, and visual preferences.

“The impact on clickthrough, conversion, repeat engagement and average order volume speaks for itself, and proves the importance of an immersive visual experience for retailers.”

The launch of this feature has also yielded high e-commerce growth rates for online retailers. According to the company, Dynamic Display has shown comparatively positive results and improvements on the website as well as conversion performance.

Approximately 2.5X increase was recorded in the overall clickthrough rates, 2.8X improvement in repeat customer engagement rates and an approximately 53% increase in the conversion rates.

In a recent report, Nfinite discovered that online shoppers have posed increased requirements for e-commerce product visuals.

Around 77% of shoppers have mentioned that images boost their confidence in making purchase decisions on websites, while 88% said that high-quality product imagery is crucial to an online platform.

Nfinite said the other features that the company has worked on include the enhancement of the application programming interface and search capabilities.