Store digitalisation platform OmboriGrid has teamed up with digital mapping specialists Pointr to create an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered store mapping solution for retailers.

OmboriGrid is operated by the retail technology provider Ombori.

According to Ombori, the mapping solution will feature its StoreAI extension to enable retailers to easily create interactive in-store digital maps and deploy wayfinders for their stores.

Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf said: “Retailers are always asking us for in-store wayfinding solutions, like the one we did for Target in Melbourne.

“Store mapping for one or two stores is quite easy, but it’s a huge challenge to do it for hundreds or thousands of stores across a large enterprise. We’re very excited to be partnering with Pointr, who are experts in this area and are using AI to solve this very problem.”

Pointr is a start-up headquartered in London that combines AI and computer vision to automatically convert CAD files of a store into a digital map.

The map uses voice or touchscreen kiosks and mobile apps and can be repurposed for many different devices.

Both employees and customers can use the map to locate and be directed to products, service desks or other facilities.

Pointr chief growth officer Jessica Milan said: “Ombori has built some great APIs which made it extremely easy for us to integrate with the Grid platform. We are very much looking forward to seeing what retailers are going to do with the things that we deliver to them together.”

Ombori will launch StoreAI for Ombori Grid on 24 May 2023.