US-based off-price apparel and home fashion chain Ross Stores is planning to open 100 new stores this year in the US, which includes 75 Ross Dress for Less (Ross) and 25 dd’s Discounts stores.

Over the last two months, the retailer opened 23 Ross stores and six dd’s Discounts stores across 14 different states.

Ross Stores president and chief development officer Jim Fassio said: “With these recent openings, we continued our growth in both new and existing markets.

“Our newest market for Ross Dress for Less is Nebraska, and for dd’s Discounts, we entered Illinois with two new stores.

“With these recent openings, we continued our growth in both new and existing markets.”

“We now operate a total of 1,651 Ross Dress for Less and dd’s Discounts locations across 38 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam. As we look out over the long-term, we remain confident that Ross can grow to 2,000 locations and dd’s Discounts can become a chain of 500 stores.”

Last year, Ross Stores opened 40 stores across 22 different states in the US.

Out of 40 stores, 30 stores were Ross Dress for Less (Ross) and ten were dd’s Discounts stores.

With the opening of 40 stores, the company is said to have achieved its store growth target of 96 stores for the last year.

Headquartered in Dublin, California, the Ross Dress for Less (Ross) chain has 1,412 locations in 37 states across the US, including the District of Columbia and Guam.

Ross Stores also operates 215 dd’s Discounts in 16 states across the US and they feature apparels, accessories, footwear and home fashions.