Seven-Eleven Japan chooses Google Cloud for its data cloud

May 11, 2021 (Last Updated May 11th, 2021 16:18)

Convenience store retailer Seven-Eleven's Japanese branch has chosen Google Cloud to host its data Cloud platform, Seven Central.

Seven-Eleven Japan chooses Google Cloud for its data cloud
Seven-Eleven Japan operates a network of 21,000 stores in the country. Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson / Flickr.

Seven Central will support real-time business decision-making by combining and analysing data from Seven-Eleven Japan stores.

The platform is designed to consolidate siloed point of sale (POS) data from Seven-Eleven Japan stores into a single centralised cloud location.

This data is then analysed on a petabyte scale by Google Cloud’s smart data analytics solutions such as BigQuery and Apigee.

Seven Central will provide Seven-Eleven Japan’s teams with access to previously inaccessible data and insights.

Seven-Eleven Japan executive officer and ICT department head Izuru Nishimura said: “With Seven Central, each division in Seven-Eleven Japan can gain a real-time snapshot of any store’s data and business performance and respond accordingly.

“In choosing to build our data Cloud on Google Cloud, we prioritised service scalability, security and openness in order to build an agile development system that could serve the organisation’s needs well into the future.”

In the platform’s initial phase, Seven-Eleven Japan gathered POS data from its network of 21,000 stores to analyse in real-time.

According to the retailer, Seven Central can be further developed to collect POS data from up to 30,000 stores.

Google Cloud Japan vice-president Tomoyuki Hirate said: “Seven Central is a great example of how a robust data cloud strategy can drive significant business impact.

“Exploring Google Cloud AI and machine learning technologies in the future will further accelerate Seven-Eleven Japan’s data-led innovation and enable them to take on challenges in new areas.”