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January 21, 2020updated 22 Jan 2020 10:38am

Shoe retailer Joybees launches new product line

Global injection-moulded footwear brand Joybees has launched a new shoe line.

Global injection-moulded footwear brand Joybees has launched a new shoe line.

The product line features five products, namely Everyday Sandal, Dance Sandal, Casual Flip, Splash Sneaker and Adventure Sandal.

The new line has been made using ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material and comprises flip-flop and multi-strap sandals for women and a children’s slip-on sneaker.

Joybees CEO Kellen McCarvel said: “We are excited to bring a product line to the market place that gives consumers an easy to love shoe at an affordable price point.

“Injection-moulded EVA provides a great opportunity to make a shoe that is durable, comfortable, and lightweight. Additionally, EVA footwear is odour resistant because it is a closed-cell foam. Joybees are easy to clean with water and soap, making them a breeze for anyone on the go.”

Kellen McCarvel has worked for more than half a decade at Crocs as former merchandise manager.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Joybees specialises in delivering footwear at reasonable prices.

Following the launch, the company aims to continue to innovate in the injection-moulded EVA world.

Joybees board member John McCarvel said: “Because of our experience and industry connections, we are uniquely positioned to work with top designers and manufacturers that only established brands typically have the ability to engage.

“I have worked inside many brands that have experienced tremendous growth. I look forward to watching Joybees fill a market void with an accessible, family-friendly product line.”