Multinational food retail chain SPAR has opened a store in Saldus, Latvia, its first store in the country.

Located 120km west of the Latvian capital, Riga, the store was opened in the presence of SPAR Latvia board chairman Andris Vilcmeiers, Sia Skarleta board member Artūrs Gabaliņš and Saldus Municipality Council chairman Māris Zusts.

In addition to grocery and fresh products, the 720m² store features an in-store bakery and a dedicated space to exhibit artwork by Latvian impressionist artist Jānis Rozentāls.

SPAR Latvia Board chairman Andris Vilcmeiers said: “Today, we are proud to open the first of at least 200 SPAR stores in Latvia, which is our five-year goal.

“Much time and effort has been put into the development of the best SPAR neighbourhood store format to meet customer needs in Latvia.

“We have worked closely with different partners during this initial phase to bring customers locally sourced products, as well as a range of SPAR own-brand products.

“SPAR is part of the communities it serves, and we are pleased to announce that in this first store, a renowned local artist will be seen on the walls, promoting culture and local talent in a unique way.”

SPAR Latvia intends to launch a multi-format retail concept for stores, which will offer products from local producers and other popular products and brands in the Baltic, as well as products from the SPAR private brand.

The company also aims to become the first retailer to offer innovations from local producers at their shops.

In addition, SPAR Latvia plans to support local producers in the country by giving them the opportunity to sell their products at SPAR stores.

Last month, SPAR Croatia expanded its store network by opening an INTERSPAR Hypermarket store in Velika Gorica, Zagreb County.