US-based supermarket chain Stop & Shop has invested $140m in its stores in New York City (NYC) to improve the shopping experience for its customers.

The retailer currently operates 25 stores in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, employing more than 3,300 associates in the city.

As part of the investment, Stop & Shop will expand its store offerings to include items from around the world and hundreds of locally made items, including West African fonio chips from the NYC-based Yolélé and Mike’s Amazing vegetable oils and mayonnaise.

The retailer will also enhance its focus on value by offering more deal bins and discounts of up to 50% on fresh foods through its Flashfood programme.

It has been operating in NYC for more than 20 years.

Stop & Shop president Gordon Reid said: “We’re proud to make such a significant investment in New York City, and we’re excited to show customers that we can be the one-stop shop for everything they need and that we’re delivering great value, particularly in this current economic environment.”

The retailer opened its first remodelled store, the Bay Plaza store in the Bronx, on 10 June.

The upgraded store features the Global Market, which offers authentic products from 14 different regions, including the West Indies, China, South America and Eastern Europe.

In addition, Stop & Shop has pledged to donate $1m to address the issue of food insecurity across NYC this year.

Reid added: “We’re also committed to fighting hunger in the boroughs and as part of our $1m commitment, we’re investing nearly half a million in the city’s public schools and colleges to ensure local students have consistent access to healthy food so they can succeed in the classroom and beyond.”

Stop & Shop is owned by Ahold Delhaize, a multinational retail company based in the Netherlands.