US-based beauty store chain Ulta Beauty has implemented Interplay, an intelligent low-code platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the shopping experience.

Interplay was created by, a company that develops AI-powered low-code software and ecosystems.

The platform is intended to help build and rapidly deploy applications to scalable environments, allowing Ulta Beauty’s digital customers access to several innovative experiences.

Ulta Beauty’s guest services chatbot will enable customers to track orders, make enquiries, understand beauty services and deliver shopping options via a virtual assistant interface.

In addition, the AI-powered virtual beauty advisor will offer personalised skincare recommendations based on individual requirements.

Interplay provides a low-code environment to enable rapid application development, iterative improvements and large-scale production deployments.

The low-code platform consists of 475 pre-built modules offering full command of advanced AI/machine learning, the Internet of Things, voice, ‘headless commerce’, blockchain, data integration and application programming interface connections.

Developers can assemble modules to build and test new applications quickly and securely using Interplay’s architecture and intuitive interface.

Ulta Beauty digital innovation vice-president Michelle Pacynski said: “We could not have built the cutting-edge applications as efficiently as we did without our partners at

“As early believers and first-movers on Iterate’s low-code invention, we quickly understood which applications were going to work and which weren’t.

“The ability to experiment rapidly allowed us to make confident, data-backed decisions that have allowed us to capitalise on opportunities where we can authentically and directly engage our guests in various experiences.” chief technology officer Brian Sathianathan said: “Ulta Beauty exemplifies how a dedicated, low-code strategy can power a transformative pace of innovation—in this case, around ten times faster than hardcoding.

“We’re proud of our partnership and look forward to continued success with Interplay and Ulta Beauty’s innovation team.”