Global retailer Walmart is set to launch its revamped e-commerce website to create cleaner and more modern digital shopping experience.

Starting in May this year, the new shopping website will be made available for customers with a new look and feel.

As part of the redesign, the website will feature more local and personalised elements, offering various products from diapers and laundry detergents to dining room tables.

The retailer is also offering a free delivery service with two-day shipping for customers who place orders on the website.

““We are beginning to introduce specialty shopping experiences. We know customers shop differently depending on what they are purchasing.”

Without any membership charges, customers can also benefit from the company’s convenient services such as a free pick-up in stores.

Walmart US e-commerce president and CEO Marc Lore said: “We are beginning to introduce speciality shopping experiences. We know customers shop differently depending on what they are purchasing.

“We’ve already launched a home speciality experience and, over the coming weeks, we will begin to introduce our new destination for fashion, which will feature relevant, bold imagery and seasonal stories.

“The Lord & Taylor flagship store we announced late last year will be a part of this new fashion destination. We want each category to feel like you are shopping a speciality store and we plan to build out these speciality experiences for other categories starting later this year.”

The shopping website will also feature a new section to display top-selling items customised based on customer’s location.

The section includes customer’s local store profile featuring various services, including Online Grocery, Easy Reorder and order status.

Easy Reorder allows customers to repurchase items they frequently buy in stores and online.