Global retail major Walmart has signed a strategic partnership with technology firm Microsoft to assist the retailer in various business growth initiatives.

These initiatives include digital transformation in retail and empower Walmart’s associates globally. They provide enhanced shopping experiences through faster and easier ways.

As part the deal, Microsoft will also act as a preferred and strategic cloud provider for the retailer by offering its full range of cloud solutions.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said: “Walmart’s commitment to technology is centred around creating incredibly convenient ways for customers to shop and empowering associates to do their best work.

“Walmart is a people-led, tech-empowered company, and we’re excited about what this technology partnership will bring for our customers and associates.

“Whether it’s combined with our agile cloud platform or leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to work smarter, we believe Microsoft will be a strong partner in driving our ability to innovate even further and faster.”

“Walmart’s commitment to technology is centred around creating incredibly convenient ways for customers to shop.”

Walmart will also implement a range of cloud projects that leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence and data platform solutions for various customer-facing services and internal business applications.

The retailer will leverage a Microsoft Azure cloud solution across its family of brands and international businesses to seamlessly manage workloads, leverage expanded access to new toolsets, and drive a cloud-native environment to manage cost.

Walmart will establish a global IoT platform on Azure, leveraging connected HVAC and refrigeration units to reduce energy usage across US stores, as well as applying machine learning when routing thousands of trucks in the supply chain.

The retail major is also introducing Microsoft 365 to manage its workforce by enabling them to collaborate and communicate.