US-based retail corporation Walmart has introduced New-Seller Savings, a Walmart Marketplace promotion programme exclusively for new sellers.

The limited-time promotion offers new vendors a 50% discount on commission rates for the first 90 days if they join Walmart Marketplace by 31 May this year and start selling on by 30 June.

In a statement, Walmart said: “At Walmart, we’re all about saving people money so they can live better, but saving money is not only for our customers.

“Walmart e-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the past two years, and for sellers, big and small, looking to join a curated marketplace that focuses on trust, transparency and fairness there has never been a better time to start selling on”

In addition to New-Seller Savings, Walmart has extended its Walmart Fulfilment Services (WFS) Intro Offer incentive for sellers who want to use the retailer’s low-cost fulfilment option.

Approved sellers will earn 90 days of free storage and receive a 10% discount on fulfilment fees if they enrol in WFS and complete the setup process, as well as dispatch one item to its fulfilment centre, by 30 June.

They can use WFS and the company’s advertising business, Walmart Connect, to expand their business without paying any monthly setup fees.

Walmart added: “Selling on gains you access to millions of monthly visitors who have become loyal customers.

“Not only can sellers benefit from our built-in audience, Walmart Marketplace offers zero monthly setup fees, and sellers can grow their business with Walmart using our ecosystem of innovative solutions like Walmart Fulfillment Services and Walmart Connect.”

Last month, Walmart decided to stop selling tobacco products in some of its US stores following ‘years’ of debate among the company’s leadership.

The retailer will no longer sell cigarettes at its stores in California, Arkansas, Florida and New Mexico.