Walmart and hyperlocal social networking service Nextdoor have partnered to launch a new programme for customers to easily shop for their neighbours in the US during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Known as ‘Neighbours Helping Neighbours’, the programme enables Nextdoor members in cities across the country to request shopping assistance for essential items at Walmart.

The members can also offer to help someone with shopping in their community. Neighbours are encouraged to make the entire process contact-free, from payment to delivery.

The initiatives will help vulnerable community members to coordinate the collection and delivery of their groceries, medications and other essentials with a neighbour.

Walmart chief customer officer Janey Whiteside said: “I’ve seen first-hand the countless ways our Walmart team is working together during this challenging time, leading with humanity, compassion and understanding to serve our customers.

“We’re continuing to do that through our new programme with Nextdoor. We’re connecting neighbours to each other so that more members of our communities have access to essential items while limiting contact and the number of people shopping in our stores.”

Nextdoor’s ‘Help Map’ will help in locating Walmart’s store locations and hours where the programme is available.

The latest programme follows Walmart’s recent initiatives to make shopping contact-free.

Some of the services include Walmart Pay to expedite the checkout process and its kerbside pick-up and delivery services.

Last month, Walmart revealed plans to hire 150,000 employees for its stores, clubs, distribution centres and fulfilment centres in the US.