Retail-technology company Wundermart has partnered with AI-powered retail solutions provider AiFi to launch autonomous convenience stores.

As part of this partnership, Wundermart will incorporate AiFi’s camera-based checkout system for a frictionless shopping experience.

Using the system, shoppers will be able to scan the store app or swipe their credit card at a kiosk prior to picking their items.

AiFi’s camera computer vision system will keep track of what people take and then charge them automatically as they leave the store without the need to scan products.

Additionally, Wundermart will install AiFi’s OASIS system, which uses computer vision and sensors to track products and improve performance and data integrity.

Wundermart co-founder Laurens de Kleine said: “AiFi’s technology helps us create a delightful, convenient and safe shopping experience for our shoppers. They can simply scan in, select what items they want to purchase and walk out.

“The system will also be used to improve accuracy of automated restocking, one of the many functions in our total solution for autonomous retail.

“AiFi has pioneered and become the global leader in computer vision technology. This partnership will bring us closer to our mission to transform the future of retail.”

The company will also integrate AiFi’s technology into its Wunderware, a SaaS package designed for autonomous retailers.

Wundermart and Wunderware plan to open more than 1,000 locations equipped with AiFi’s technology.

The company currently operates 70 unattended “grab-and-go” convenience stores throughout Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The stores vary between 50 to 200ft2 and are currently located in areas such as hotels, offices and transportation hubs.

The technologies will initially launch in 20 autonomous convenience stores in the first quarter of 2021.

Wundermart plans to implement AiFi computer vision technology in additional stores later this year.