The Box Hill Central is a sub-regional shopping centre located in Victoria, Australia. Credit: Timothy Lau/Shutterstock.
The construction works for the redevelopment of Box Hill Central commenced in July 2021. Credit: Vicinity Centres.
The redevelopment is part of a masterplan to develop the complex into a mixed-use area. Credit: Vicinity Centres.

The Box Hill Central shopping centre in the Box Hill suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, is being redeveloped into a mixed-use development.

The project is part of a ten-year vision to transform Box Hill Central into a world-class destination comprising a new town square and an integrated mixed-use precinct with retail, commercial and residential spaces.

It is being undertaken by Australia-based real estate investment trust company Vicinity Centres, the owner and developer of the Box Hill Central property.

The construction work on the shopping centre redevelopment commenced in July 2021 and was completed in 2022.

Box Hill Central location and details

Box Hill Central is a sub-regional shopping complex located in the heart of Box Hill, approximately 15km east of the Melbourne central business district (CBD). The shopping centre is situated atop the Box Hill railway station. A major bus terminal is also situated at the same location.

The shopping complex comprises two centres, namely Box Hill Central (north precinct) and Box Hill Central (south precinct). Box Hill Central (north precinct) is a two-level shopping centre, which opened in 1975.

Located immediately adjacent to the north precinct, Box Hill Central (south precinct) was first opened in 1987. It is a single-level shopping centre located above Box Hill station.

Box Hill Central redevelopment details

The Box Hill Central redevelopment aims to create 250,000m² of flexible mixed-use development, 5,000m² of open spaces, 1,700 apartments, 80,000m² of commercial workplaces and 4,000m² of retail space.

The phased mixed-use redevelopment project is estimated to involve a total investment of approximately A$1.6bn ($1.03bn) and is expected to be completed in 2024. In 2023, four levels of new co-working space covering an area of 4,000m² above the retail precinct were completed.

The remaining stages of the mixed-use project involve the development of 3,350m²  of new public space, including a centralised plaza and amphitheatre space and a 48-storey residential comprising 366 apartments. It will also deliver 7,360m² of office space, 760m²  of retail space and more than 200 car parking spaces.

A 25-level office tower will also be developed comprising 42,800m²  of office space, 1,300m²  of retail space and more than 200 car parking spaces.

Box Hill Central shopping centre details

The Box Hill Central redevelopment involved the installation of new facades, floors, ceilings, lighting and furniture to improve the shopping experience at the Box Hill Central shopping centre.

In September 2022, a new entrance from Carrington Road was added to improve public circulation within the southern retail precinct and provide access to the surrounding street network. An outdoor dining precinct was also completed creating dual-frontage restaurants facing Carrington Road.

Furthermore, three new travelators and a new customer lift were installed to provide access to all car park levels.

The southern precinct was reconfigured to accommodate new kiosks. The main internal avenue was expanded to create space for three new permanent retail stores. These include a Coles supermarket, a Dodee Paidang Thai Street Food, Bar and Cafe and a new Korean restaurant, Dooboo Melbourne.

Retail offerings at Box Hill Central

Box Hill Central (north precinct) has a gross leasable area (GLA) of 14,639m². Retailers within the precinct include Daiso, Dimmey’s and Home Avenue. The north precinct houses 35 speciality stores.

The Box Hill Central (south precinct) boasts a GLA of 24,748m²  and houses 90 speciality stores, including retailers such as Coles, Woolworth, Better Value Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, Merry Seasons, Kitchen Republik and N2C Entertainment.

Amenities at Box Hill Central

Box Hill Central currently has more than 2,000 parking spaces, which can be easily accessed from Whitehorse Road, Carrington Road, Station Street and Prospect Street. The north precinct has 866 parking spaces while the south precinct offers parking for up to 1,496 vehicles.

The shopping centre features three parents’ rooms, including one on the north precinct at the rear end of the north food court and two on the south precinct.

Rooms for persons with disabilities are located in the north building, including one on the lower level and another behind the food court on the upper level.

Lost-and-found assistance and free Wi-Fi are offered to shoppers in both precincts.