City Center one Split is one of the leading shopping and leisure centre in Dalmatia, Croatia. Credit: CC Real International GmbH.
The City Center one Split is owned and managed by CC Real. Credit: CC Real International GmbH.
The €20m ($22.13m) refurbishment will upgrade more than 7,000m2 of retail space. Credit: CC Real International GmbH.
More than 35 stores will be renovated and reopened. Credit: CC Real International GmbH.
The City Center one Split refurbishment is scheduled to be completed in Q2 2024. Credit: CC Real International GmbH.

City Center one Split, a leading shopping and leisure destination located in Split, Croatia, is undergoing an extensive refurbishment to upgrade its facilities.

The shopping centre is owned and managed by the real estate investment and asset management company CC Real. CC Real is investing €20m ($22.13m) in the renovation project, which is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2024.

The renovation will enhance the interiors and exteriors of the shopping centre and reinforce its position as a popular place to unwind and shop in Dalmatia while ensuring that it evolves along with emerging consumer needs.

City Center one Split location

The centre is located in a densely populated area in the eastern part of the city, with very good road and public transport connections to the rest of Split.

Since its opening, City Center one Split has grown to become one of the leading regional shopping centres in Dalmatia. It attracts visitors from the surrounding areas, including more than a million tourists annually.

City Center one Split renovation details

Key centre upgrades will include the creation of a first-of-its-kind entertainment and leisure area for Croatia, lighting and interior design improvements, brand-new outdoor spaces, and measures to reduce energy consumption. More than 7,000m² of retail units will be reshaped to improve clustering, and more than 10,000m² of premises will be renovated.

Interior improvements will see new seating and the introduction of green elements throughout the centre. Improvements will also include significant layout and interior design upgrades to the food court, which opened as the first-of-its-kind in the Adriatic region. Additional changes will include gallery facades, upgraded escalators, and new lighting throughout the centre.

The 2023 refurbishment will also target the washrooms throughout the centre for overhaul, as well as extensive parking garage revitalisation. The latest round of work completely redesigns the parking garage entranceways on all floors to improve the arrival experience, as well as new colour-coded integration and full LED lighting inside the garage.

Sustainability features

In upgrading the existing building management system to optimise energy usage, the centre aims to reduce its total carbon footprint by 90 tonnes per year. One of the most significant upgrades is the installation of a new lighting system, which will reduce the centre’s energy usage for illumination by 665,000kWh.

Once complete, these measures are designed to secure a DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certification for the building, which recognises industry benchmark sustainability credentials.

Contractors involved

TGP International, a hospitality agency specialising in food and drink master planning and interior design, is partnering with CC Real to develop a comprehensive entertainment area at the shopping centre.

City Center one Split shopping centre details

City Center one Split is one of the first shopping centres on the Croatian coastline to bring popular brands to the area. It has more than 200 retail stores spread over three floors, in addition to cafes and restaurants. It also has a state-of-the-art cinema with seven movie screens.

The mall provides 2,700 free parking spaces for self-parking and family parking. Some of the famous brands at the mall include Interspar, Peek & Cloppenburg, H&M, Muller, IKEA, C&A, Cineplexx, McDonald’s and KFC.

The City Center one Split also has the Arena Split go-kart course and the Fun Zone playroom.